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The Best Ways To Make Your Holiday Outings Enjoyable For Seniors

Updated: Feb 8

The holidays are a time for gatherings, celebrations, and festivities. However, holiday excursions require thoughtful preparation for our beloved elders.

Follow these tips for enjoyable and stress-free holiday outings for seniors and family members of all ages this season.

Think about the following before leaving the house:

How far do you have to walk and will there be parking nearby

Whether the intended destination is level, requires climbing hills or steps

Whether it is accessible to those on wheelchairs (if appropriate)

The presence of cover and shade

Whether there are restrooms available

If your loved one needs a break, seats are available.

Prepare for a variety of potential plan adjustments:

Make sure you have access to any necessary medication and bring extras if the excursion lasts longer than intended or takes an unexpected turn.

Wear appropriate clothing and use sun and rain protection.

In case of a delay, bring snacks and drinks with you.

Do you need suggestions for enjoyable holiday outings for seniors? Think about the following:

Take your beloved elders for a leisurely drive to see the holiday lights in the area.

Invite the elders to your home to help with holiday decorations if it is possible and is well-received.

Bring your elderly loved one to a senior center in your community for a holiday party.

Attend community plays. In addition to your neighborhood ballet or theater, you can catch affordable plays and performances at nearby schools.

Take things slowly and foster a laid-back atmosphere when participating in any senior holiday trips to ensure that your loved one is delighted and at ease.

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