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The Agency Nurse Career: What Are the Benefits?

Updated: Feb 27

What precisely is an agency nurse, and might this be a beneficial step for my career? This may be a question you are asking yourself now; whether you are just beginning a nursing career or are a seasoned permanent or NHS nurse. ​

An agency nurse works via an agency on a temporary (or “locum”) basis in various settings instead of a permanent position at a single fixed location. Although working as an agency nurse may not be for everyone, it can be a great career choice for many nurses due to the opportunity to learn new skills and the flexibility it provides.

The following are some advantages of working as an agency nurse:

Career Advice and Assistance

You will have the full backing of your agency when working as an agency nurse. Some organizations provide career guidance and support in addition to assistance with things like your NMC revalidation.

Greater Control Over How You Mix Work And Life

Agency nurses can choose where, when, and how frequently they work. This implies you have more control over your schedule, shift schedules, and pay. Want a last-minute two-week vacation but don’t feel like going out at night? Not an issue. Communicate your availability and preferences with your recruitment agency, and they will secure the most suitable work for you.

Financial Benefit

Working for an agency can lead to better pay, especially if you have a lot of availability. It could entail simply expressing interest in night shifts instead of balancing shifts with other permanent team members to maximize pay.

Avoid ‘Office’ Politics

Agency nursing allows you to focus on patient care without navigating team dynamics and hierarchical politics. You can focus on the work at hand when at work, allowing you to disconnect and focus on personal commitments when you’re not.


While some people prefer to work in the exact location every day, for many others, the opportunity to work in a new place of business with other teams may be a highly gratifying and interesting way to work.

Agency nurses must integrate successfully into new teams while giving their all to the task at hand—ensuring their patients’ wellness. It will suit folks who want new environments rather than remaining in just one hospital or ward.

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