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Meaningful Thanksgiving Celebration with Seniors

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This Thanksgiving, being grateful and spreading joy with the people in your life is a definite recipe for adding richness to the start of your Holiday Season! Thanksgiving is the ideal occasion for friends and family to get together, savor delectable fare, and spend time with one another in a fun atmosphere.

Many families enjoy this holiday, in part because of the real traditions that go along with it. Thanksgiving preparations, however, can cause stress for some families, particularly if you are the caregiver for a senior family member.

Your typical Thanksgiving celebration may need to be modified slightly to accommodate the needs of your elderly loved ones, particularly if they are beginning to lose some of their physical strength and abilities or are exhibiting signs of dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Feeling a part of the holiday season is essential to your elderly loved ones.

Here are some happy tips: Home decoration: Start with involving seniors to decorate your home. Ask elders to assist them in decorating with basic things like wreaths, acorn garlands, and light displays.

Painting turkeys: With your assistance, seniors can make and paint turkeys out of paper plates. It will add some holiday spirit and give them a sense of belonging. Prepare a traditional Thanksgiving meal: To celebrate old memories, preparing a Thanksgiving meal can bring many seniors joy. Let elders help stir the cake mix, roll out cookie dough, or set the table.

Arrange for grandchildren’s visit: Get the grandchildren over to celebrate and play exciting games with their grandparents and get to know each other better. Photo Credit:

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